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02 Oct 2016
Arrogance islam
Some aspirations of the global Muslim community are purely optional; playing the Olympics, seeing that can build the largest masjid, and holding star studded fundraisers. Other medication is crucial responsibilities that were perpetually obligated. Assuming the Islamic moral imperative is really a responsibility where Muslims cannot escape. From the scheme with the modern global civilization, the Muslims peoples are obligated to become beacons of morality and guidance to the world. Now before several of you chuckle, sigh, or gasp, allow me to explain. Allah has unequivocally declared;

Ego Islam
"Let there arise away from which you range of people inviting to all which is good, enjoining what exactly is right, and forbidding what's incorrect: These are ones to achieve felicity."3:104

There must be a least several the Muslims who are involved in the concept of enjoining what's right and forbidding precisely what is evil. Otherwise, most of us have reached fault. Our value being a religious group is connected to some extent to your experiencing the good and forbidding the wrong "You work most effectively nation extracted for those; you enjoin good and forbid evil." 3:110

Thus we simply cannot ignore as Muslims there exists some obligation for individuals to offer moral leadership to everyone. Approaching the 100 year mark of the post khilafate environment, even though you can find more than one billion Muslims on earth, spiritual leadership reaches reasonably limited, and when present, is frequently divided against itself, and systems of Islamic controls are conspicuously absent. Therefore the challenge of developing a pragmatic, morally principled and purpose driven umma is in all likelihood greater now than at any time in the 1400 plus years since the epoch from the Prophet (SAWS).

Away from the masaajid, Muslim schools a number of charities as well as the institution of hajj, there are hardly any faith driven institutions stewarded through the Muslim community. Our a sense spiritual purpose is eroded by the din of hyper-reactionary politics, the ever-present religious sectarianism, a deeply rooted cynicism, and insufficient confidence within the restorative powers of our faith for doing things. In addition, apparently our hunt for worldly status has made many people ingratiating foot stools to the world and blinded us from what made the Muslim peoples great to start with.

In the world of sexual mania , universal distraction through entertainment and pandemic, narcissistic driven materialism, the voice of our faith is seldom heard unless it is a require jihad, an apologetic discourse directed at spin control or regurgitation of non secular principles that are lacking in empirical substantiation. If our religion is based upon peace we needs to be the principle authors than it, starting in your own ranks! When we're the champions of justice and goodness, then let us see our very own examples of solution based justice on the globe. Of course, if Islam preaches politeness and civility, let's make our own global mark upon it.

Every time we point our finger with the world, there are fingers pointed back at us.
We indicate corruption while we fail to see the corruption in our own societies. We point at intolerance and miss out on your own intra-religious intolerance. Once we point at unbridled materialism, unfortunately we cannot may need to look very far to find out it within our own selves. When we point to violence against the innocent; unfortunately we cannot may need to look very far to view it happening by us and against our own people.

On the modern global stage which many of us share, the Muslims aren't the methods to whom the world looks to for guidance, direction or help. More often were seeking it from others. I refuse to believe answers for your world's problems usually do not happen in the thing that was revealed to your Prophet (SAWS). Indeed the answers are there as we engage the total breadth of what Islamic divine texts have to give you. We can't rush to apply shariah laws to prayer, hajj and marriage and in many cases argue about it without applying divine guidance towards the way we manage our governments, our societies, or our business and civil codes of ethics.

Dichotomizing our faith has led us to a kind of schizophrenic modality whereas we argue about beards and burqas, yet participate in fratricide. We decry ethnic profiling while being involved with status and ethnicity. We construct masaajid in the united states and call them Afghani Masjids or Arab Masjids. At the same time with this writing, requires jihad against America if she attacks Iran are emanating from your minbars of the world but did calls for the cessation of hostilities between Iran and Iraq have a similar resonance in that terrible war which ended in loosing over 1,000,000 Muslims? The Turkish government has approved making military incursions into Kurdish controlled parts of northern Iraq. Is there calls against Turkey to not attack the Kurds? Are we proclaiming that non-Muslims are certainly not allowed to violate our sanctity each of us routinely violate it ourselves?

The subjective application of Islamic principles has its own consequence as well as perhaps that would explain why Muslim life, Muslim societies and Muslim sanctity are undervalued on the world stage. Under use of Islamic principles and also the devaluation of Muslim honor and prestige are inextricably connected;


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